#Indieapril Author Spotlight: D.J. Russo

D.J. Russo D.J. Russo is a fantasy and paranormal romance author from the USA. Her debut novella, Scales Like Stars, released in Dec. 2021 and is available to read via Kindle Unlimited. She is currently writing a full-length sequel novel. When she’s not writing HEAs, she can be found playing lots of Final Fantasy XIV Read More

#Indieapril Author Spotlight: Rune Rivers

Rune Rivers “Rune Rivers is a 23-year-old author and artist from the Pacific Northwest. He attributes his writing capabilities to AP English courses, writer’s conventions, fanfiction, and a love of reading. The characters in his ongoing Soul of Lucifer series have been built upon since he was in middle school – where he met his Read More

#Indieapril Author Spotlight: Adie Hart

Adie Hart Adie Hart is a lover of stories and the words behind them. With a background in the history and literature of the Ancient World, and an abiding love of classic fairy tales, she writes everything from fun fantasy adventures to dark mythological retellings. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found reading, Read More

#Indieapril Author Spotlight: E.K. Barnes

E.K. Barnes E.K. Barnes is an author of young adult fiction, primarily in the urban/contemporary fantasy and science fiction genres. Her books are geared toward youth and young adults who not only enjoy reading about, or relating to, characters grappling with real-world issues, but revel in stories with a bit of a super-powered edge. For Read More

#Indieapril Author Spotlight: G.M. Nair

G.M. Nair G.M. Nair is a crazy person who should never be taken seriously. Despite possessing both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a job as an Aviation and Aerospace Consultant, he has written comedy for the stage and screen, and made the logical leap into the highly un-lucrative field of independent Read More