Blogmas: 2019 Planners

You know what December means to the stationery lover? Time to look for a new planner! This can be a regular diary or a bullet journal for someone who wants their planner more personalized. A list of different types of planners will help you make the right choice.

Daily, weekly or monthly

Think about what kind of planner would be best. A daily planner is ideal for people who juggle several balls all day, every day and have trouble keeping track everything that has to be done. The daily planner gives them enough room to write everything down. The biggest downside (I think) of a daily planner is the size. Using a bullet journal in a standard notebook might be a better option if you don’t like thick planners in your bag.

The weekly planner is for someone who has fewer tasks per day and only a few each day. A weekly planner often has extra space on the side for tasks or notes. I think most of us could do with a weekly planner, where one week is spread out over two pages. A weekly spread gives a great view of what you’ve got on your plate for the coming week. Pick a day to schedule and set up your planner for the next week.

The monthly planner is perfect for keeping track of general appointments. Monthly planner users often have a task list somewhere else. The Leuchttrum1917 monthly planner has twelve monthly overviews and the other pages are dotted so you can write down your notes for each day like a bullet journal. Fill in your monthly schedule with a page number at the bottom to create an alternative index.


I know many veteran bullet journalling people think Leuchtturm1917 is overrated and there are better alternatives, but I personally like their notebooks. The planners are available in a dozen colours with different sizes. The weekly planner has no monthly overview, which is the only downside I can think of.

The colours are great, I love the feel of the paper and their Weekly Planner and Notebook was everything I wanted in a planner. I wanted something clean that I could personalise with washi tape. I use the ruled page to make lists of my meals, my tasks for my blog and a few goals for my fiction writing. I can design them as I want and since every list has a different length, I know that I can make it work my way.

Erin Condren

If you want a colourful planner without having to do the personalisation yourself, Erin Condren’s 2019 planner might be an option. You can even personalise the inside and the outside. If you don’t like colour, you can get a plain layout. Pick the cover, the binder, the foil printing on the front, all to your own taste. All these options will cost you though. There are other planners available as well with a slightly lower price.

Erin Condren’s planners are widely talked about and for a reason. I really like the layout of the pages, the colours and the extras. Despite the high price I think that a dedicated planner who wants to keep their life organised will love it.

Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is a great choice for someone who wants a detailed weekly planner. It’s made to help you be more productive by focusing on your passion. It helps you reach your long-term goals and learn how to how to improve yourself to reach them. The passion planner is hardcover and is only available in a few colours without customization option. They try to set themselves apart by including a monthly review section and motivational quotes to help you get your groove on.

Check out my post about the notebooks made by Citrus Book Bindery and my post on stationery for more places to get notebooks and planners.

What do you prefer? A planner, diary or bullet journal? Or something else entirely? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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