Book Spotlight: The Law of Consequences: A Fantastical Anthology

When two authors meet over drinks, you know ideas will be brewed. That’s how this anthology came together. S.C. Gowland and W.A. Leggatt asked G.M. White to join them in organising the endeavour.

The end result is twenty fantasy story about the consequences of our actions.

The Law of Consequences

Genre: Fantasy
Length: 128k words

Every action has a consequence, some good, some less so, others of pure darkness…

Step into a fantastical world where every choice reverberates with magic, shaping destinies in wondrous and terrifying ways. Curated by W.A. Leggatt, SC Gowland and G.M. White, this anthology explores the profound impact of the choices we make.

From surprises in hessian sacks, pubs run by stone golems, a curious packed lunch, questionable drink choices, to copper urns (best avoided), dogs in space, horrifying boarding schools, families torn apart by war, brooding strangers and suspicious jars of marmalade.

Discover drama, treachery, love and the unpredictable, and often astonishing outcomes of our actions. Each tale in ‘The Law of Consequences’ reveals the delicate balance between destiny and free will, light and shadow. Enter with an open mind…

Featuring stories by bestselling and award-winning authors:

– Alex Weight
– Andrew Chapman
– Andrew Guile
– Emmanuella Dekonor
– G B Ralph
– G.M. White
– Gareth Lewis
– Jocelyn Sordoni
– Julian Barr
– JW Atkinson
– Karen Storey
– Kate Baker
– Kate Kenzie
– Mark Stay
– Morgan Delaney
– Richie Janukowicz
– SC Gowland
– Tommy Wills
– Trey Montague
– W.A. Leggatt

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