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One thing I’m looking forward to every November is to pick a Christmas Market to visit with my mom. We’ve been to several in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. And we even managed to go to London one time. Hyde park looked magical, but it was also super busy. This year we went to a Christmas market in the city where I studied. I haven’t been back there since I graduated, not in the downtown area and it was nice to see how much things changed and what stayed the same. If you’re ever visiting the Netherlands, consider going to Utrecht. It’s friendlier than Amsterdam and has a rich history of its own.

Local or handmade products

Most Christmas markets are the perfect place to find local or handmade products. The Christmas markets in Utrecht were all dedicated to them and it was amazing to see what they could do. I’ve seen pottery, wool products, paintings, woodworking and jewellery. Not something I see in the shops around here. They had the cutest alpacas made of wool, but they were a little pricey. My sister would’ve loved those though. Buying locally sourced products, like cheese, handmade jam or woollen scarfs is better for the environment as well. Food products also tend to have a flavour unique to the area. It’s great if you still need a gift for a lover of cheese or meat.

Support individuals or small businesses

I love supporting small businesses and artists with their work. If you follow me on Twitter or have seen my other Blogmas posts, you’ve already seen me highlighting them. Going to a Christmas market and look for presents there is another way to support them. Even if you don’t buy from them, you’ll have a chance to give them feedback. It’s up to them with they want to do with it or not. If you do give feedback, be gentle.

Seeing all those beautiful products work inspiring. People have made a business out of their passion. And how great is it that you can help them to keep that dream alive.

Delicious seasonal treats

A Christmas market isn’t complete without food trucks selling delicious seasonal treats. And let me tell you, Germany knows food. They have the most delicious street food during these markets. It’s warm, filling and hearty. It keeps you going on a day out, especially when it’s cold. Add a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of gluhwein and you’re good to go. We always try to have something unique for lunch, especially when we’re abroad. There are always things to try that we don’t have back home. Trying those also gives a better insight into that country’s Christmas celebration.

Do you visit Christmas markets? Why (not)? Which one is your favourite?

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