Blogmas: Woolly Gifts

The winter season always makes me think about warm clothing and woolly gifts are getting more appreciation as you get older. I’m thirty now and would love to receive a soft warm scarf or thick woollen socks. And I know it’s lame to say to buy someone an ugly Christmas sweater, but I actually think giving a warm piece of clothing is not a bad idea. A knitted scarf is a great gift for anyone in a colder climate and you can never have enough warm socks in my opinion.

Crazy prints

The ugly Christmas sweater has become a fashion statement and some people want to find the ugliest sweater of the season. I’m not one of those people. But if I should wear an ugly Christmas sweater, it should have some geeky reference only my fellow geeks would understand. The sweaters are a perfect way to showcase one’s personality. I find that most people who do wear them, enjoy life and see the humour in these sweaters. They can handle a joke and aren’t afraid to express who they are.

Socks are more subtle. They’re often not visible, but they can also tell you a lot about a person. One of my friends is a goldsmith. She creates elegant and timeless jewellery and often has a stand at high society conferences. But she also wears mermaid and unicorn socks. But you won’t know that unless she raises her pants and takes off her shoes. Get socks with Rudolph on them, or little Santas. Or maybe just pick plain navy or black. Make it reflect a part of the recipient’s personality.


If you’re a really crafty person, you can also knit a scarf, socks or a whole sweater. A sweater might take up more time than you have, so let’s stick to scarfs and socks.

Scarfs are the easiest option and if you don’t have any or little experience knitting, a scarf is a perfect starter. You can knit a scarf using basic techniques and with a shortcut or two, you’ll be done in no time. Using a thicker yarn and wide needles will give you a thicker scarf with holes in it. A looser knit scarf is more comfortable in my opinion than those tightly knitted, especially when it’s homemade. The thicker yarn is usually warmer as well. Pick one out with multiple colours to make it look fancier.

Get lost in the DIY pins for scarfs. There are so many!

I have no experience knitting socks, but if you’ve knitted before, then following a guide will get you far. Pinterest has plenty of pins about knitting socks yourself and many of them are about the tricky parts. Getting patterns on the socks might be a bit much unless you know what you’re doing, but it’s still doable before Christmas is here.

A handmade present shows the recipient that you care and you’re willing to invest time in them, and maybe pick up a new skill. That might be why girls in anime always seem to knit scarfs for their boyfriends. They don’t have much money, but they do want to show their lover that they care and think about them.

Are you considering buying or making a woolly gift? What do you think about receiving such an item? Would it make you happy? Link me your favourite ugly sweater!

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