Cover Reveal: Far Removed by CB Lansdell

Today I have an exciting cover reveal for you. CB Lansdell’s new book, Far Removed, will be released in September. It’s the first book in the dark fantasy Apidecca duology. The author painted the cover herself and it looks amazing.

I’m always left in awe when authors include their own artwork in their stories. I can’t wait to read this book!

Far Removed by CB Lansdell

Genre: Dark fantasy
Release date: September 5, 2023
Cover artist: CB Lansdell (handpainted)


On the moon of Knyadrea, the sea yields intelligent life. For a species shaped by tides, change is the only constant.

Little can be hidden in the glare of a spotlight.

Charismatic and innovative, Oklas Sayve has risen to prominence in Apidecca, the moon’s capital city. A politician and college director, he has the resources to effect the changes he envisions for the world. But the sovereigns he serves oppose him at every turn and his status cannot protect the low-strata students attending his college. After a young knyad is wrongly linked to insurgent activity, Oklas must find a way to smuggle her out of the city while hiding his involvement from the authorities.

A spark in the dank depths.

Below the grand Assembly Chambers, a knyad in a mask sculpts, grasping for scraps of beauty in her shrinking world. Years ago, Prismer made a costly mistake and now has only her job at the projection booth and a few special interests to fill her days. But it is not her sculptures that draw the attention of a powerful client, and she is soon met with a request to undertake a dangerous mission. Will she answer the call and risk losing the little she has left?

Mysteries surface. A supernatural substance is used in corrupt ways. As identities shift and predicaments are reshuffled, what alliances might be forged …

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