Cover Reveal: Imbued by Helyna L. Clove

I know Helyna L. Clove from her science-fiction work, but with her newest book, she adventures into the fantasy genre. Imbued is the first book in a dark fantasy duology. It’s an introspective, slow-paced, lush dark fantasy about one woman’s quest for revenge, redemption, and reclaiming her past and agency in a world ruined by magic and greed.

I love the cover and the blurb pulled me in even more. If you got captured by them as well, you can request an arc (link below) until the end of the month. The book releases in September this year.


Genre: Dark Fantasy
Release date: September 2024
Cover Design: Harkalé Linaï
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Calla has no memories of her childhood except for hazy, recurring nightmares. Working as a servant in Kiriong, the picturesque terrace garden home to one of the most influential families in the Kamphua Dominion, she’s content to live a simple life. As long as no one finds out about the forbidden magic stirring under her skin.

When the estranged family heir, Gray—a magehunter in servitude of the royal hold—unexpectedly returns home, Calla’s secret threatens to surface. Instead of turning her in, however, Gray offers her the one thing she always feared: to teach her how to use her powers. And as the turbulent tides of long-forgotten magic draw them together, Calla finds it harder and harder to deny her potential.

But Gray knows more than what he admits. In the aftermath of a vile political plot targeting him and with the shadow of a mage uprising cast upon the land, finding out what happened to Calla in her forgotten years might be their only chance to survive.

Except the knowledge could break them both.

It could break the world.

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About the Author

Helyna L. Clove (she/they) is a science-fiction/fantasy novelist, and a lover of all types of storytelling, hot comfort drinks, and a universe full of stars.

She was born in Hungary and raised in a small village a few miles off the shores of Lake Balaton. She was often described by her teachers as someone always having “her head in the clouds”, and she spent the first fifteen years of her life mostly consuming books from her parents’ home library, watching some great 90’s sci-fi shows, and working on her eclectic music taste. After several arduous years of obtaining her astrophysics degree, she currently lives in Wales with her small family of a wonderful boyfriend and Puddle, the tortoiseshell cat. Her debut was Skylark in the Fog, a space opera in 2022.

When not writing her stories, she can be found commandeering radio telescopes, reading, cooking, playing video games, or trying her hand at different art forms.

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