Cover Reveal: Midsummer Night Curse by Anca Antoci

October is spooky season and the perfect time to unravel mysteries and break curses! Anca Antoci’s new book Midsummer Night Curse has just that! Today we have the cover reveal but the book will release on the 20th so you don’t have to wait long. One thing that makes this book even more interesting is that it’s based on Romanian mythology! Definitely check this one out.

Midsummer Night Curse

Genre: Paranormal Mystery, Urban Fantasy
Release date: 20 October 2023
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Amidst the misty hills and ancient forests of Transylvania, Ella Martin thought she found a perfect place to escape from her old life. She’s a witch on the run from her coven and no one would think to seek her amid vampires at Count Dracula Inn. What could go wrong?

But locals don’t take kindly to outsiders, so when a teenage girl goes missing on the midsummer night at the inn, the villagers point their fingers at Ella. But then the handsome Inspector Felix Goia starts digging into her past, suspecting she must be hiding something. And the witch knows she must find the missing girl to get everyone off her back. If she fails, she has to flee before everyone finds out she’s a witch and they turn on her.

Adding to the chaos, the recently appointed police captain, Radu Lupu, dove into the fray. Beneath his charming exterior lies a ruthless streak that few people have seen. They reluctantly work together to solve the case of the missing girl, and the jaw-dropping discovery they make leaves everyone speechless. Faced with magic, they resort to mischief to save the girl. But can they succeed in their paranormal misadventure?

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About the Author

Anca’s overactive imagination pours into her stories, bringing otherworldly creatures to life. Her writing is a thrilling blend of mystery, adventure, and romance, sure to captivate readers.

Her debut novel, Forget Me Not, is the first book in a trilogy that was published in 2020, earning rave reviews from readers and critics alike.

Before pursuing her writing career, Anca was an active member of the blogging community, where she shared her passion for fantasy literature as a book reviewer. She also gained a following for her popular fanfiction stories, which can still be found on her blog, While she doesn’t write fanfiction as often anymore, she continues to share book reviews and recommendations on her site.

Anca lives in Romania and speaks English as a second language. Though she is self-conscious about her accent, she has found her voice through her writing. To recharge her creative batteries, she enjoys taking long walks in the park before diving into a writing sprint. In her free time, she can often be found in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes while listening to an audiobook.

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