Cover Reveal: Shadow of a Dead God by Patrick Samphire

For those who follow my reading journey, it won’t be news that Shadow of a Dead God by Patrick Samphire is one of my favourite fantasy books of the past few years. I love love love this series so I’m really excited to share the new cover with you all today. The previous was great but Patrick wanted something that fit better with the other two books in the series. We get another close look at Mennik Thorn. Ömer Burak Önal has done a fantastic job in bringing him to live. While the previous cover was more ominous with a giant beast one it, this one feels more personal, intimate.

I’ve already reviewed Shadow of a Dead, Nectar for the God, and Strange Cargo. The last book in the series will be coming later this year and I’m equally excited and afraid. I want to read more about Mennik Thorn’s misfortunes but I also don’t want this series to end. For now, enjoy the new cover!

Shadow of Dead God

It was only supposed to be one little job – a simple curse-breaking for Mennik Thorn to pay back a favour to his oldest friend. But then it all blew up in his face. Now he’s been framed for a murder he didn’t commit. So how is a second-rate mage, broke, traumatized, and with a habit of annoying the wrong people, supposed to prove his innocence when everyone believes he’s guilty?
Mennik has no choice if he wants to get out of this: he is going to have to throw himself into the corrupt world of the city’s high mages, a world he fled years ago. Faced by supernatural beasts, the mage-killing Ash Guard, and a ruthless, unknown adversary, it’s going to take every trick Mennik can summon just to keep him and his friend alive.

But a new, dark power is rising in Agatos, and all that stands in its way is one damaged mage…

Cover Design: Ömer Burak Önal

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About the Author

Patrick Samphire started writing when he was fourteen years old and thought it would be a good way of getting out of English lessons. It didn’t work, but he kept on writing anyway. He has lived in Zambia, Guyana, Austria, and England. He has been charged at by a buffalo and, once, when he sat on a camel, he cried. He was only a kid. Don’t make this weird. Patrick has worked as a teacher, an editor and publisher of physics journals, a marketing minion, a web designer, and a pen pusher (real job!). He has a PhD in theoretical physics, which is about as much use as you might expect. As well as writing, he works as a freelance editor and book cover designer.

He now lives in Wales, U.K. with his wife, the awesome writer Stephanie Burgis, their two sons, and their cat, Pebbles. Right now, in Wales, it is almost certainly raining. Patrick has published about twenty short stories and novellas, two novels for children, and three novels so far in the Mennik Thorn series for adults, the first of which was SHADOW
OF A DEAD GOD. The final Mennik Thorn book, LEGACY OF A HATED GOD, will be published this year.

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