Cover Reveal: The Firetongue Heir by Elyse Thomson

Elyse Thomson’s The Firetongue Heir is getting a new cover! Kostya Biletskiy made this beauty so it fits better with the other gorgeous covers in the same series. I’ve shared the other covers from Elyse before and it’s really hard for me to pick a favourite because they’re all so good.

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The Firetongue Heir

Genre: Historical Fantasy
Cover Design: Kostya Biletskiy
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Love leads to ruin

As the cunning mage Nadia plots to reshape a continent plagued by war, the fate of a noblewoman—marriage and a life of stultifying insignificance—is only one of many hurdles to overcome. Forced to let her brother take credit for all her brilliant plans, she’s resigned to scheme from the shadows while her family decides her future. Her life seems set in stone, until she meets a charming, irritating rogue and the bane of her existence—Darius.

Prince Darius Firetongue loves nothing more than nettling the sharp-tongued, quick-witted Nadia, and being the disappointing youngest son of a tyrant leaves him plenty of time to woo her away from a fiancé she doesn’t want. But when the king decides to bring him to heel by threatening Nadia’s life, he knows he must act.

Compelled to flee, with only each other to rely on, passions ignite. Yet as dangerous secrets are revealed, they must decide: side with family, or choose a reckless, forbidden love and the dark promise of bloodshed to come.

A lush, romantic fantasy novella set in a world inspired by ancient history, The Firetongue Heir is the prequel novella to the Mages of Oblivion series.

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About the Author

Elyse Thomson writes steamy fantasy full of court intrigue, daring heroines, magical mayhem, swoon-worthy romances and worlds inspired by ancient history. Elyse graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelors in History and Classics and currently resides in Canada’s capital where you can find her binding antiquarian books, playing Bladur’s Gate 3 or snuggling with her husband or her neurotic terrier.


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