Cover Reveal: Undine’s Blessing by Tessa Hastjarjanto

I’ve been waiting so long for this. It’s been years since I bought this premade from Ravven. I think she had it up for twenty minutes until I told her I wanted it. I had an idea for this story about a girl and the decapods that features in Tales of Lunis Aquaria, except now they weren’t the antagonist. In this story, the decapods were friends. I started writing the story last year and I’m currently still working on the last edits.

With the release of this book, I’m going to change a few things. If you signed up for my newsletter and you’ve received the short story Undine’s Blessing, this might be a bit confusing. This book is not a longer version of the short story, and I’ll be renaming the short to Thalassa’s Pearl. The title Undine’s Blessing fit the novel better than the short story, and you’ll know once you read them.

I’m also going to do something different with the editions of the book. There will be an ebook, paperback, and a hardcover edition, although the physical editions will come later. That’s because I’m working with my sister to create an illustrated hardcover edition. This won’t be limited to so you can buy it whenever. The illustrated edition will also include the two short stories related to Marella and her father: The Archipelago of Wonder and Thalassa’s Pearl.

The Archipelago of Wonder is the story of Marella’s father, Marcos, when he first visits the islands of Emberrain. This story appeared first in Tales of Lunis Aquaria

Thalassa’s Pearl is set after Marella’s adventures in Undine’s Blessing where she learns more about her powers and the mysteries of the sea.

I have no other details about the hardcover edition yet aside from this but I want you to know the difference between the paperback, which will only include the story and no illustrations or short stories, and the hardcover. If I didn’t release them at the same time, people might feel baited into buying the lesser option because nothing else was available. So they’ll be released together and you can pick the one you want.

Due to health reasons, I’m not going to do a preorder. I will upload the ebook as soon as it’s done and you can buy it when the retailers have accepted the files. If you want a notification when the book is live, you can sign up to my newsletter (at the bottom of the page). If you don’t want to sign up, you can also follow me on Amazon or Bookbub.

Undine’s Blessing

Genre: Cozy adventure fantasy
Cover Designer: Ravven
Stuck in a routine of caring for her sick mother and selling her father’s fish, Marella doesn’t mind not having much time to herself. She loves her parents and would do anything for them.

When her mother goes to the city for treatment, Marella’s father takes her fishing, despite her fear of water.

A storm brings them to Emberrain, the home of a tribe of nymphs, vivid colours, juicy fruits, and magic. Marella can’t imagine why her father never talked about the islands he seems to know so well. Soon she learns that Emberrain isn’t the only secret he had kept from her.

Marella can control water and speak with aquatic animals.

Overwhelmed by the magical but dangerous islands, and the secrets of her father, Marella must learn to harness her powers to save herself and her new aquatic friend before they are separated from their parents forever.

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