Excerpt: Dream of Fire by Christian Cura

Dreams of Fire is the first book in the exciting series by Christian Cura. The sequel, Dreams of Thunder, is coming later this year and there will be a third one. Prepare for another adventure by reading Dreams of Fire now.

This paranormal urban fantasy is Christian Cura’s first book and it definitely looks promising. It’s pretty short with only 167 pages according to Amazon. But that shouldn’t stop you from reading it. Maybe that’s only more reason to give it a go in between longer reads. The summary sounds amazing and I’m really curious about how Kara will grow throughout this adventure and what the relationship with the villain is. It seems like someone close to her. But who knows? Read the excerpt below and on Cura’s website!


Meet Kara Hartman, a young painter living and working in D.C. She would love to let you believe she is just an ordinary woman with a dream of sharing her art with the world. But Kara is hiding an astonishing secret from her fans: she can wield magic, the most powerful force in the universe. Traumatized by the loss of her brother, she wants nothing more to do with magic. But when an old foe resurfaces, hellbent on destroying all that she loves, Kara has no choice but to embrace the only power that can stop her.

Excerpt Dreams Of Fire

Below is an excerpt of the first book in the series.

Read a longer excerpt on Cura’s website or buy Dreams of Fire now. Don’t forget to check out the second book, Dreams of Thunder!

About Christian Cura

Christian Cura is a new author who just recently published his debut novel Dreams of Fire.
Ever since he read Lord of the Rings as a teenager, it has been his dream to write and publish a
novel of his own. His favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling and Robert Jordan.
Christian lives in Northern Virginia where he lifts weights at home and creates artwork.
When he is not writing, he can be found drawing or getting beaten up at his MMA gym.

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