New Lunis Aquaria Story Coming This December

It’s been a long time (too long, really) since a new book came out with my work in it. And this time my real estate is only a dozen or so pages. That doesn’t mean I’m less proud of this story. Maybe I’m even more proud of this one. After receiving a few rejections to my other submitted short stories (I don’t do it often), having one accepted felt so good. So big thank you to the team of Skullgate Media for accepting this quirky little story!

The Frail Flittermouse and the Glacial Glindodder

This has to be the longest title I’ll ever use and I love it. The story is about the witch Lavora who has to find the last ingredient for a spell, the flower of the glacial glindodder plant, but meets a tiny injured bat. Even though Lavora spends half of the story in a blizzard, the story has a cosy feeling. I wrote this story specifically for this anthology with the ‘winter wonder’ prompt which makes the acceptance even more special.

If you’ve read Tales of Lunis Aquaria, you might have met Lavora before in The Witch of Monterra Mountains although she remained unnamed there. All of the Lunis Aquaria stories can be read as standalones but there are some small elements that will tie them together, if you pay attention. If you’ve enjoyed Tales of Lunis Aquaria you will love this story too.

I don’t want to spoil too much yet but Lavora’s adventures are far from over…

Winter Wonders

My story isn’t the only one in the anthology. I’m sharing the pages with eighteen fantastic other writers. Each story is completely different from the rest so there’s something for everyone. Who knows, you might find another few authors you’ll enjoy.

There’s something magical about venturing out into the chill, something deeply comforting about returning to the warmth afterwards. And, of course, something vaguely sinister about the long darkness…

These stories capture all of those aspects of winter. Some are dark, with the kind of cold teeth that’ll gnaw off your flesh and turn your bones into crackling, disintegrating lumps of ice. Some are warmer, like sitting by a fireside and draining a cup of something hot and sweet while sleet pounds at the windows from outside.

Enjoy your adventures into winter’s depths. We’ll make sure you come home safe!

Includes stories by: L.T. Adams, Cormack Baldwin, B.K. Bass, Jacob W. Brannan, Alice Dryden, Elizabeth Guilt, Tessa Hastjarjanto, Debbie Iancu-Haddad, Mara Lynn Johnstone, Jack Kaide, Christine Makepeace, Steven M. Nadeau, Stephanie Parent, Kelly Piner, Miguel Alfonso Ramos, Dominic Rascati, Joette M. Rozanski, C.D. Storiz, and Nickolas Urpí.

Buy the anthology on Amazon, Kobo, or Smashwords.

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