Review: Evocation by S.T. Gibson

Genre: Fantasy, romance
Length: 400 pages
Release Date: 28 May 2024
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The Devil knows your name, David Aristarkhov.

As a teen, David Aristarkhov was a psychic prodigy, operating under the shadow of his oppressive occultist father. Now, years after his father’s death and rapidly approaching his thirtieth birthday, he is content with the high-powered life he’s curated as a Boston attorney, moonlighting as a powerful medium for his secret society.

But with power comes a price, and the Devil has come to collect on an ancestral deal. David’s days are numbered, and death looms at his door.

Reluctantly, he reaches out to the only person he’s ever trusted, his ex-boyfriend and secret Society rival Rhys, for help. However, the only way to get to Rhys is through his wife, Moira. Thrust into each other’s care, emotions once buried deep resurface, and the trio race to figure out their feelings for one another before the Devil steals David away for good…

The first book in a spellbinding and vibrant new series from The Sunday Times bestselling author of A Dowry of Blood.


Thank you to Amy at Angry Robot Books for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

When I first saw the cover I knew I wanted to read it. I had just gotten into tarot so seeing the hanged man on the cover intrigued me. Then, reading the blurb, it only got better. So I was really excited when Amy’s email landed in my inbox with an invitation to get an arc.

We follow David as he deals with a demonic curse laid upon his family decades ago. His father passed away without telling him about it so he asks Rhys, his ex-lover, to help. Rhys has his own troubles though. Not in his relationship with his wife, but he can’t deny the attraction to David is still there. The push and pull between the two is incredible sweet to watch, especially when Moira also becomes involved with David. She can help him since she has a gift only a few people know about, and it might be the key to help with David’s mystery demon.

The highlight of the book has to be the character dynamics between David, Rhys, and Moira. The kindness of Rhys and gentleness of Moira help David become more himself and less his family’s curse. David has a different kind of intimacy with Rhys and Moira but with the same intensity. It’s beautiful to see blossom. There were chapters where I wanted more of the romance and less of the demon hunting but the two plotlines couldn’t do without each other. David’s headaches made me sympathize with him a lot as someone who has migraines.

The dynamics with the relationships and the demon gnawing at David’s head made me flip the pages faster and faster as I got closer to the end of the book. The ending wasn’t at all what I expected but it makes sense since it’s going to be a series. I can only hope it won’t be too long before it comes out.

I really enjoyed this one and I’m looking forward to the second book. For fans of queer romantasy with a supernatural world as a background.

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