Update On My Reading Challenge

At the end of last year, I introduced my reading challenge for this year. I wanted to focus on getting out of my comfort zone a bit, but read some more in direction of my passions. I’ve done six out of the twelve so far, which is good progress. I do have to read more. Below is the list of the books I have read, followed by the list I plan on reading for the challenge. If you know better books in those categories, do leave a recommendation below for me or someone else.


Book About Food The Ice Cream Parlour – Isabella May
I loooove Isabella’s books. They’re fun, sassy, and all are centered around something delicious. The Ice Cream Parlour is her latest. Read my review here.

Non-fiction Damn Fine Story – Chuck Wendig
My first book is published, but that doesn’t mean you can stop learning the craft. Damn Fine Story is one of the few books that’s been on my wishlist for a long time, my writer wishlist. I read some of Chuck’s earlier books on writing and enjoyed them a lot. This one actually has a nice cheat sheet in the back to remind me of basic storytelling mistakes.

First in a Series Caraval – Stephanie Garber
One of the books on my Must Read list of 2019. I have Legendary lined up and I secretly hope to get Finale for my birthday. I could say a lot about this, but I’ll save that for a review later. Come back soon!

Outside my comfort zone The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society – Mary Ann Schaffer & Annie Barrows
A recommendation from many other readers, and I have no regrets reading this one, despite the WWII background. Check out my review here.

Queer The Blood Prince – Josie Jaffrey
I enjoyed the first two in the Sovereign series, so I couldn’t skip The Blood Prince. There are many other books I could’ve picked, especially seeing all the good recommendations by other book bloggers. I’m going to read Shadowplay by Laura Lam later this year as well. Read my review here.

YA fantasy Warcross – Marie Lu/Caraval – Stephanie Garber
Does Warcross count as fantasy? Does Caraval count as YA? I’m not sure. I’ve read both and I think they qualify. I’m probably going to read more YA fantasy either way.

To Be Read

Author of Asian descent Sorcerer to the Crown – Zen Cho
One of the ten books that I want to read this year and the second book set in the same universe is out now as well.

Author with same initials Thomas Hardy – Tess of the D’Urbervilles
My mother told me that this book is where I got my name from. My parents have a beautiful leather bound version, but I’ll probably read the ebook.

Book published in my birth year The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho
I might reread it again. It’s been awhile since I read it and it helps me to stay on the path I have in my mind.

Book recommended by your favourite author Lud-in-the-mist – Hope Mirrlees
Neil Gaiman recommended Lud-in-the-mist. That’s reason enough, right?

Borrowed book The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova
Raven lent me this book a long time ago. It’s about time I read it and gave it back. (I’m sorry!)

Discount book The Martian Ambassadors – Alan K. Baker
I bought this one with a big discount. I have no expectations and will probably go in blind. This’ll be an experience.

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