Camp NaNo April 2018 Prep

I’ve decided to take part in the first Camp Nano of this year (although I’ll probably do the July edition as well). It’ll be a good time to kickstart my writing again after a period of illness. This time I will focus on polishing a hand full of short stories which I can sell.

Two of those are for a collection of short stories which are set in the same world. They are fairy tales, folk tales, myths and history lessons of that world, and form the base of the story.

The other stories are short stories that I started over the past few years, but which I never thought good enough to share. I want to rewrite them and make sure they are good enough to share or even to sell.

What I like about Camp Nano is that you can decide which project(s) you want to work on and use your own goals to measure your success. I still picked 25k words as my target, but really, I just want to have finished drafts of these stories.

Are you taking part in Camp Nano as well? Link your profile in the comments below or @ me on Twitter so we can cheer each other on! For more Camp Nano and NaNoWriMo tips, check out the posts below.

Short stories

The Death of the Octopod

Skylar, the eyes of the night watch, the sniper of wolves, joins his seafaring friends to kill the creature that killed multiple fishers. He hopes that his archery skills are of some use against this monster. Dyon, the best long-range archer in town, is also part of that crew. That’s when Skylar realizes he isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

Thomas and the Wolf

Thomas sees how the barn hosting the town gathering explodes. His parents and siblings died. The only reason he wasn’t there, is because of his gift.


A woman deals with weird gazes every day. It’s part of her life now, and she learned how to deal with it. A new client questions her about her life now.

Just One Look

Emily’s colleague invites her to dinner to make some new friends. She just started her new job and her shy attitude is the reason she hasn’t socialized much. She meets some interesting people, but one in particular.

Until Death Do Us Part

What if death doesn’t want you to part? A man meets the woman of his dreams, one with a big secret. He likes the mystery, but after spending a few months together, weird things happen. Is this part of her secret.

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