On My Mind: Fanfiction And Getting Started

After I graduated and having written five thousand word papers regularly, there was a writing void. I knew I wanted to keep writing and preferably fiction. I played a lot of Guild Wars 2 at the time, a Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The world inspired me and a story brew in the back of my mind. Then I started writing again, fanfiction. It was a great way to work on my craft while also learning how to finish.

Whether it’s fanfiction of a game, a book, or a universe you love, with canon characters or your own, writing fanfiction will help you become a better writer. It saves you the worldbuilding hassle and you (probably) already know the characters, both make writing a story easier. Fanfiction can be as bad or as good as you want it to be. You can experience with combining tropes or giving them a new twist. It’s a great place to experiment and find your own voice. And some of the stories are so good it’s worth pursuing publication.

Fear Not This Night

Official description
The Fear Not This Night anthology has been a labour of love within the Chronicles of Tyria community for the past year. Following the events of February 2019, many of us were left grieving and wondering about the future. As the heroes of Tyria once did, we turned to the motto “Fear Not this Night” as our inspiration to move forward and did what we do best: write. We deliver these stories unto you as a reminder to keep going and weather whatever storm comes at you next.

Enjoy this anthology filled with stories of altruism, determination, hope, and much more. Make sure to use the full screen option for the best possible experience!

My story is called A Born Fighter and it features one of my human characters, Tenise Williams. She a guardian and goes on a quest of knowledge, but the regions she visit are hostile. She finds Cuinn, a young and lost Sylvari. Together they fight off the undead of Orr and prepare to fight off a dragon.

Last year, I was part of this amazing project run by Chronicles of Tyria, a site dedicated to Guild Wars 2 fanfiction. They released a full colour seventy page magazine filled with stories and art this week. Early last year, they announced a massive layoff and many fans feared for the game they loved so much. The employees who weren’t called laid off grieved for their ex colleagues, and the ones who lost their job, also lost their family. It was a dark time. And that’s where the theme of the anthology came in, “Fear Not This Night”. It’s the song that plays as the credits roll after you’ve completed the personal story of the core game (which is free). It talks about hope, about better times, and how we shouldn’t give up. And that’s exactly what we did.

The whole team came together to write these stories, to share our love for the game with fans, the ArenaNet team, and everyone who was part of the ArenaNet family, ever. Even if you’ve never played the game, or haven’t played in a long time, you might enjoy reading these stories, because right now, we need some hope. We need to remember that better times are coming. So, hopefully, you’ll fear not this night.

Check it out here.

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