BBNYA Finalist: Wilthaven by Oli Jacobs

BBNYA Finalist: Wilthaven by Oli JacobsWilthaven by Oli Jacobs
on April 27 2020
Pages: 362

Welcome to Wilthaven!

A quiet English town that thrives on local produce, old fashioned values, and survival against the rule of an Eldritch Abomination. Here, you will enjoy endless walks, soothing sounds, forceful avatars, and the kind of joys that only an English township can bring!

(Please note: this dossier has been compiled by the BPD based on materials found relating to P1983 - or Wilthaven as you know it. Treat every sentence, word, image, and syllable with the utmost paranoia. Be safe.)

Wilthaven is a horror comedy by Oli Jacobs, who previously mined scares & chuckles from the likes of The Children of Little Thwopping, Filmic Cuts, and Station 17. As always, he hopes you enjoy.

A big congrats to Wilthaven by Oli Jacobs for becoming ninth in the BBNYA 2021 finals! I won’t be reviewing this one as it’s not a genre I often read and I’m afraid I won’t see how good it truly is. Still, I’m very excited to see it so high on the list.

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