Book Tour Spotlight: The Girl of Dorcha Wood by Kristin Ward

Book Tour Spotlight: The Girl of Dorcha Wood by Kristin WardThe Girl of Dorcha Wood (Daughter of Erabel, #1) by Kristin Ward
on April 13th 2021
Also by this author: Rise of Gaia
Pages: 232

Treacherous. Evil. Dark. Dorcha Wood is all of these things. And none of them.

The people of Felmore talk of Dorcha Wood in whispers, if they speak of it at all, fearing the wrath of the Cú-Síth should their words be carried on the wind. Those murdering beasts still roam the darkness of the forest, the last remnants of the cursed Aos Sí, a race of elves, long since vanished from the world.

But to Fiadh, it is home. Haven. A forest whose secrets become known only when it chooses to reveal them. Her life is one of balance until the outside world shatters it.

From the moment Fiadh set eyes on Gideon, the peaceful rhythm of her life was lost. As a new path unfolds, Fiadh confronts the reality of old hatreds, the consequences of things hidden, and the truth of who she really is.

**Content Warning: medieval battle violence, blood, gore

Thanks to The Write Reads and Kristin Ward for having me on the tour! I’ve received a free copy in exchange for an honest review and I will get to it but the holidays are crazy (we celebrate Sinterklaas during the first weekend of December) so I didn’t have time to finish reading it.

I remember Rise of Gaia, one of her previous books and how much I enjoyed it. The Girl of Dorcha Wood has a lot of the same themes, staying close to nature, and I love that. I have a feeling this one will be even better than her previous work so I’m really excited to dig into this one once things have calmed down a little.

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