Review: A Cup of Tea at the Mouth of Hell by Luke Tarzian

Review: A Cup of Tea at the Mouth of Hell by Luke TarzianA Cup of Tea at the Mouth of Hell by Luke Tarzian

on August 27 2022
Also by this author: Vultures, The World Maker Parable, The World Breaker Requiem
Genres: Fantasy


Order is the focal point around which existence revolves. Without order there is only chaos. And in the halls of Damnation (pronounced Dam-NAWT-ion, thank you kindly) the first sign of impending chaos is a cup of tea made without the water having first been well and properly boiled in a kettle.

Why is this relevant, O nameless narrator, you ask? Who cares about the preparatory order of tea in the fires of Hell?

Lucifer, dear reader. After all, how does one expect to properly greet the newcomers to Hell without having first had a hot cup of tea to bulwark the cold?

Behold The Morning Star, frantic on the annual Morning of Souls, the arrival of Damnation’s newest recruits.

Someone has misplaced the kettle.

The author gave me an advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

So I’m going to be honest. I love Luke’s books, so me taking this book as an ARC and reviewing it ahead of the release date should tell you something. A Cup of Tea at the Mouth of Hell is much shorter than the other books I’ve read by Luke but it still manages to include the elements that made me love the previous ones. The interesting characters, a gut-wrenching story, and a world that feels like a dream and oh-so-real at the same time.

It’s a personal story with a mental health aspect. I won’t say too much because it might spoil the story, but Luke nails it. Feelings are hard to explain to others, especially when it’s rooted in a personal event. No one goes through it the same way. But it’s beautifully told in A Cup of Tea at the Mouth of Hell. Aside from that, there are also funny moments to off-set the heavy parts.

It’s a rollercoaster ride: short, sweet, and will throw you up, down, and sideways. It’s over before you know it and you’ll want more.

Congratulations to Luke Tarzian for another phenomenal book that manages to give me all the feels and destroy me. Five stars, of course. Please, if you love fantasy and want to feel emotions while reading, check out Luke’s books. He’s definitely one to watch.

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