2023 Blogging and Publishing Plans

We’re already three weeks into the year but 2023 is still young. Last year was a strange year filled with many milestones but also days when I really struggled. I had eye surgery and the recovery was long. I also got a diagnosis and have been working hard to improve my quality of life. I published two books (Lucifer’s Favour and Beelzebub’s Bargain), wrapped up a series, hosted two big 90+ book sales to celebrate indie authors and indie books. I sold more books in 2022 than in any year since I first published.

I’ve read a hundred books with the help of audiobooks as my eyes needed the rest. This has allowed me to discover so many more great authors and books. I plan to read a lot again this year, but I won’t be a full panellist for BBNYA this year. Neither will I be a judge for SPSFC. This will allow me to read more indie books that I bought last year plus I want to beta read for a few friends. There’s a lot I want to so I need to make space for it. This doesn’t mean I won’t be an advocate for the indie space. I still want to to highlight the many awesome indie books which is where my plans come in.

Blogging plans for 2023

I’m going to change a few things on the blog and the regular reader might have already noticed one thing. Last year, I posted every Tuesday and Friday instead of posting on Tuesday biweekly. I’ll continue to post reviews and spotlights every Tuesday. So if you want to grow your TBR, you need to keep your eye on the blog on Tuesdays! The posts on Friday can be anything, as they were before. Book lists, writing or craft related posts, more personal experiences, updates on BBNYA or other competitions. Keep your eyes on the blog on Friday for more informative posts.

One big change I’m going to do is to stop rating books in my reviews. Instead, I want to put more emphasis on who I’d recommend the book to. A book might not be for me, for whatever reason, but it might be the perfect fit for someone else. I also want to add more book recommendations to review (“If you like this, you might like this”). This extra space will allow me to recommend more indie and diverse books.

Publishing plans for 2023

I’ve got several projects I’m working on right now and I hope to have two books published this year. Both projects are set in the Lunis Aquaria world and are directly related to stories in Tales of Lunis Aquaria. If you were wondering what’s going to happen next while reading, stay tuned. I’m very excited to visit two biomes I haven’t written about before (tropical islands and the desert). With these hints, you might know which stories I’m following up on.

There’s also an anthology project that should be released in Q1, and I’ve been working on more short stories that I want to submit and see if I can get more acceptances. Of course, this won’t happen unless I submit, and submit a lot. That means I have to get to work.

I’m thinking about a lot in the background and there might be more coming. I don’t know what the timeline will be or how my health will be this year so I don’t want to make any promises. But 2023 is going to be even bigger than 2022 was.

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