Camp Nano is going strong!

It’s National Tea Day in the USA, but I’ll just keep drinking tea here as well. Green jasmine tea, my favourite. I actually don’t drink coffee at all, so to me, every day is tea day.

April is one of the off months where NaNoWriMo participants organise a virtual writing retreat, or Camp Nano. The rules for Camp Nano are slightly different, because you don’t have to use the 50.000 word count, but you can pick your own. The threshold is lower for people new to writing to set up a writing habit since you can set it as low as you want. My advice is to still challenge yourself. You can improve your daily habitual word count by setting the bar a little higher, but not unattainable. It’s just like exercising.

Camp Nano is a group effort, just like an offline writing retreat. You can form a cabin and set a group word count where everyone’s word counts matter. Take part in daily prompts, virtual write-ins, ask feedback when you’re stuck, help others. This is a perfect place to get to know new people or help out your writer friends. July is the next Camp Nano. Read up and join the fun. We’re part of the Scriptum Discord group, a group of writers and artists sharing their experiences, cat and puppy photos. Feel free to join us! We don’t bite.

Raven is taking part and he’s close to winning his Camp Nano (reaching his word target for the month). He’ll take this week to catch up on some lost hours. Next week we’ll be back on our usual schedule with the third review of The Year of the Dragon series, Islands In The Mist. We hope to see you then! And remember, keep writing.

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