#indieApril Kick-off

Just like last year, we’re celebrating indie authors in the month of April. There will be daily author spotlights and I’ve asked a few authors to a grand #indieapril sale!

Celebrate the indie space

The bookish indie space is ever-expanding. More authors are joining the indie author lifestyle, and whether that is going the self-published route, or joining the small/indie press family, it’s all good! While the major publishing houses are merging more and more, the indie space is becoming stronger. Our voices can cause change, as we saw with the return policy of Audible. Readers are finding our books and sharing them with their friends. And many more indie authors are producing books that are indistinguishable from traditionally published books.

It’s a great time to be an indie author, but also as a reader who loves indie books. I know that there’s a book out there with the exact thing you love. Some of these niche books would never have seen the light of day if we had to rely on traditional publishing. Some fiction is commercial, but some niches are so profitable they become commercial. And that’s where our power is.

#indieapril science fiction, fantasy, and horror sale April 18-22

During the third week of April, Monday through Friday, we’re running a big sale with some of your favourite authors. We’ve got nearly a hundred books offered by self-published and indie authors, and even some indie presses joined in.

It’s a great mix of new and vetted authors. Authors who won awards, are best-sellers, or only have five ratings. Discover your next favourite author during the sale with a series starter or a standalone. Take a chance on one of the anthologies to read stories by even more authors. Expand your horizon and pick up a book from a (sub)genre you normally don’t read.


Every day, a new author enters the spotlight with one of their books. Some of the authors also joined the sale so be sure to check out the books and/or the spotlight for their other work.

If you want to see who have gone before, check out the dedicated page for author spotlights. If you’re an author with a book published, you can sign up here for your author spotlight.

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