More Reading Goodness Coming Soon!

The tagline for Narratess is “because stories are everywhere” and we’ve shared our experiences with you as writers, not so much as readers. I have been posting reviews for James Calbraith’s books , because I loved the books and I want to bring them to your attention. But that’s not enough.  There are so many great books out there that deserve to be promoted, to be talked about, to be brought to new audiences.

That’s why, starting next month, we’ll share more of our love for books with you. More reviews, recommended reads, our to-read lists, favourite authors. We would also love to hear what you’re reading and your favourite books. Drop us a line in the comments, mail to, or @ us on twitter.

Are you a writer with an amazing book and you want a review? Send an email to and we’ll have a look. Our most read genres are fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk/supernatural, but we often cross boundaries. We are willing to give an honest review for a (digital) copy.

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