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I had a hard time coming up with a topic for this week. I spent a whole weekend at the Efteling and I’m still recovering. It got me thinking about my own health and what’s happening all across the world. My health always comes first, no doubt about that. I don’t know if I’m in the ‘at-risk’ group or not since it’s been years since I’ve really had the flu, I stay inside all day, and my body is actively fighting most of the COVID-19 symptoms every day. I don’t want to compare the symptoms I have now with what I could have, or the two together (let’s not find out). But I do want to talk a little about what it does to our society.

Currently, countries/areas are on lock down, schools are closing, and more events are either cancelled or postponed. It’s understandable, especially if large (read thousands) of people gather in one place, it’s easy to spread a virus you might not even think you have. Most visitors will be bummed about the cancelled events, but the smaller artists and businesses are hurt the most. They were counting on the sales from these cons. Now they’re left with nothing. They have stock they need to sell, sometimes even at discounted prices because it’s so much.

Also, don’t forget your local Chinese restaurant. If you like their food, order some. They will likely suffer from this outbreak as well, because people (wrongly) think that the food might be increasing the odds of getting infected. Let’s share the love!

Artists who need extra support

Every artist’s situation is different but each one the following people could use another shoutout. Some of them have extra discounts, sales, or coupon codes for those that would’ve bought something if they attended the event. Check out their social media as well to find out more about these deals.

Artist Alley Online

The artists who were supposed to attend Emerald City Comic Con hosted an online artist alley to sell their art. Check it out the website or #ArtistAlleyOnline on social media.

Gladys P. Nut

Cute stickers and pins

Anna Draws Stuff

Etsy store
Edgy fantasy-themed and animal-themed merchandise. Pins, buttons, charms, pouches.


Animal-themed store with plushies, pins, and stickers.

A Sunny Disposish

Etsy store
Fandom art and merchandise. Take 15% off select items & use the code “ECCC2020” for 10% off everything this weekend only

Siny Designs

Cute animals and fandom merchandise.


Animal-themed and fandom merchandise. Pins, charms, and stickers.

The Dutchesse Art

Etsy store
Cute Pokemon and other fandom stickers and charms.


Etsy store
Cute earrings, charms, and fandom buttons.

Studio Appeltjes Groen

Etsy store
Cute fandom merchandise. Cards, stickers, charms.

Lien Art

Cute fandom merchandise. Stickers, charms, card wallets.

LRN Page Illustrations

Etsy Store
Cute textile designs and pins.

Rengin Tümer

Illustrations, prints, and art books.

Hydrogen Pink

Etsy store
Fandom zines, charms, and prints.


Etsy Store
Fandom stationery, charms, and buttons.

Black Redcliff

Redbubble store
Comic-style merchandise.

If you are or know someone else affected by the current situation, drop their links in the comments below so people can find them! Please check out the stores of these artists. Sharing their website, retweeting or reposting their content on your own feed, and buying something will help them out immensely. Come back next week for a list of authors who need extra support.

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