Welcome to Narratess – A New Site for Writers and Readers

Narratess is a new website focused on writing, the writing experience and, perhaps most importantly, stories. We are two writers who want to share our experiences, services, and knowledge as we continue to grow.

Tessa Hastjarjanto

From early age I started with building my own worlds. Pokémon was a hit and I made my own version of it with my own creatures, attacks, and worlds. It soon disappeared into the paper bin. I kept writing my dreams (which still fuel my ideas for stories), scenes, fantasies, but I never really tried to finish something significant. I wrote many first and second chapters, and nothing beyond that. Only recently have I learned how to finish stories.

I’m slowly building my fantasy book collection, where Neil Gaiman is the name that appears the most often. I do read outside of my genre (as most good writers do, right?) and I have a fair share of books on writing.

The fountain pen is my weapon of choice when it comes to writing. It’s not the fastest way to write, but it works for me. My mind has to slow down to pace of my hands, which makes sentences more thought out.

You can find my MMO-related posts on MMOGames.com and any other game related content on my other site, princessinacastle.com.

Raven van Dijk

I’ve been building worlds and stories for as long as I can remember – down to when it was just my sister and I playing with Lego (or what not), I would be making up elaborate stories with my sister to make our play more interesting. Some of the characters that I now write with began their lives as humble toys.

I began actually writing things down before I was ten, and since then have been unable to stop (though I do hope I’ve improved at least a little since then).

At present, I am an author, ghostwriter, editor, and dabbler in all things literary – particularly in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. I am the author of The Books of Varr series on ChroniclesofTyria.com, cohost the Words Are Hard Podcast at Wahpodcast.com, and spend my free time working on (too many) stories.

Why Narratess?

Narratess was originally a solo project by Tessa, but it never took off . The name is made up of ‘narrative’ and Tessa, and also refers to a female narrator, which was perfect for what she wanted to create. Raven was asked to join later, but he liked the name and it stuck.

Narratess is a place where the narrative is more important than the medium. Because stories are everywhere. We’re both fans of books, movies, music, art and games. All of them share their stories with us, and we, in turn, will share them with you.

What will I find on Narratess?

Every Friday you can expect personal blogs, short fiction, tips to improve your writing, from world building to general storytelling, reviews of books and writing tools (think pens, notebooks and apps), and all things story related.

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