#Indieapril Author Spotlight: C. Vandyke

C. Vandyke

Chris is the founder and president of Skullgate media and the Editor-in-Chief of TFYB. He always has more ideas than is good for him, and needs the others to help restrain his naive enthusiasm (and find all his typos). You can see things he writes at cvandyke.com and follow him at @aboutrunning

Most of my creative output is through Skullgate, so our current catalogue of 9 books and we have a few new novels and anthologies in the work. Currently available books can all be seen at skullgatemedia.com and purchased wherever books are sold!

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Memory & Desire

When a rich socialite from the exclusive Upper region of Neo Tokyo needs help finding her missing husband, Jennifer Yanchez thinks her luck is finally changing. A decade after her girlfriend Hiro was killed, Jennifer is still trapped deep in the bottle and even deeper in debt, but this job promises to change all that. However, when a visit to the woman’s apartment ends in a fiery explosion, Jennifer finds herself drawn into the orbit of a mysterious, robot-fighting woman who seems to be aligned with a terrorist cell. Distracted by her employer’s erotic advances and haunted by memories of her girlfriend’s death, Jennifer needs to sort the truth from the lies before the past repeats … and she ends up dead herself.

“Memory & Desire” is the first in The Jenifer Yanches Diaries, a series following the adventures of a cyberpunk private-eye. It is also part of the Postcards from Neo Tokyo universe, short pieces of fiction all taking place in a shared dystopian future where robots rule the world and humanity teeters on the brink of existential extinction … or liberation.

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