#Indieapril Author Spotlight: Chris Durston

After getting to know Chris last year, I’ve seen him grow. I believe his bio (see below) is hardly a reflection of who he is since he’s doing so much. He’s part of Skullgate Media, has organised multiple collaborative writing projects, and has appeared on multiple anthologies. In only a year. If you’re a fan of fantasy in the broadest sense of the word, keep an eye on this one because he’s going places.

Chris Durston

I always thought that I just sort of would be a writer somehow. This is really my first proactive step towards actually doing that.

If you’re here, then I very much appreciate you for that.

You can follow the links above to find all the stuff I make in an effort to feel like a Creative Person, and perhaps you might even enjoy some of it.

Read my interview with Chris

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Each Little Universe

If Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett had written an earnestly nerdy story in a setting running on the ridiculous logic of Scott Pilgrim, it might have come out something like this.

For two oddball inventors, taking care of an unexpected new arrival – a girl from the stars – is hard enough. Dealing with the things that want her back may turn out to be harder.

A story about love in all its forms (but not a love story), Each Little Universe asks big questions through familiar lenses, treating video games, wrestling, and pop culture with equal gravity to questions about what it means to be human and how we each find a place for ourselves in a big, strange cosmos.

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