#Indieapril Author Spotlight: J.H. Rose

J.H. Rose

James Henry Rose is a storyteller from the rural United States with a passion for writing bittersweet novels about finding comfort and love in a harsh world, and creating sparkly art to match. He’s inspired by his passions of vintage shoujo media, world history, off-beat spirituality—and at least a dozen other things that he finds a way to work in somehow. When he’s not daydreaming more than is probably healthy, he enjoys traveling, singing, and poorly playing video games with friends.

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String of Stardust

The noblewoman Suzette always dreamed of starting her own bakery, in spite of her social status. After years of enduring abuse in a loveless marriage, she at last calls upon the help of her best friend, the mysterious wanderer Hikaru, to help her find a better life. Together the two embark on a journey across the continent of Soléiâ to Hikaru’s long abandoned house, full of valuable paintings that may fund her dream.Along the way, Hikaru and Suzette struggle against an intolerant society, mischievous fairies, a jealous goddess—and most of all their nightly dreams, memories of a past where they were in love once before, a beautiful life severed much too soon. As they come to accept their love in the present, however, a question looms over their heads…can they ever truly recreate the idyllic life of their dreams? Or will it end in tragedy every time?This is book one of Beloved, an American shoujo novel series following the lives of a few interconnected souls, their fates interwoven into a centuries long tale spanning beyond the fall of civilization.

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