#Indieapril Author Spotlight: James Robert Paige

James Robert Paige

James Robert Paige is a proud father and loving husband, who also writes novels.

He grew up in Southern California in the United States, but now lives in Ontario, Canada.

He does all of his writing on the touch-screen of an android phone, which might sound like a terrible idea, but he insists that it works really well.

When he isn’t writing and revising fantasy novels, James is spending time with his kids, baking cookies, working full time as a DevOps Linux Site Reliability Engineer, and co-developing the open source retro game-creation engine OHRRPGCE.

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Thief, Acolyte, Consort

A new city and a fresh start was what former thief Catt Zago was looking for, but what she found instead was Great Bakak, a city-state ruled ancient tradition and full of everyday magic. A place full of many gods and many people. A place where the King rules supreme, but the royal executioners seem to be calling the shots.

What Catt didn’t expect was to meet a fascinating woman, a professor of magic at the local wizard university, doomed by a strange bit of luck to become the next King.

Catt wasn’t planning on committing any crimes, this was supposed to be a safe place to start over, but now, could she really be contemplating stealing a King?

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