#Indieapril Author Spotlight: Jesse Nolan Bailey

Jesse Nolan Bailey

I’ve always wanted to be an author. Growing up, I spent much of my free time devouring fantasy and sci-fi stories, and dreamed of one day joining my favorite authors up on the bookshelves.

In 2020, that dream became a reality. I published my debut novel, The Jealousy of Jalice, the first book in a trilogy. Later that year, I released my first novella, Amethyst, and made it available for free. It felt good to be able to say “I’m a published author.”

My books tend to be on the grittier side. I like the spookier and creepier elements of storytelling, and horror has sneaked its way into my fantasy novels. So beware of demons and astral aliens in my stories…

In addition to storytelling, my obsessions include anything paranormal (despite the fact I personally have never experienced anything supernatural…), sci-fi/fantasy/horror movies and tv shows, and fangirling over every new album release by Taylor Swift (I can hear you judging me right now).

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The Jealousy of Jalice

The Realms have split apart, the Stones of Elation have been hidden, and warnings of dokojin drift among the tribes.

The land and its people are corrupted. The Sachem, chief of the Unified Tribes, is to blame.

It is this conviction that drives Annilasia and Delilee to risk their lives. Afraid of the aether magic he wields, they enact a subtler scheme: kidnap his wife. In her place, Delilee will pretend to be the chieftess and spy on the Sachem.

Unaware of this plot against her husband, Jalice is whisked away by Annilasia. Pleading with her captor proves futile, and she rejects Annilasia’s delusional accusations against the chief. After all, the Sachem has brought peace to the land.

Yet a dangerous truth hides in Jalice’s past. As she and Annilasia flee through a forest of insidious threats, they must confront the evil plaguing the tribes and the events that unleashed it.

Book two, A Disaster of Dokojin will be released later this year!

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