#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Melinda Kucsera

Melinda Kucsera

Melinda writes epic fantasy adventures when armies of fictional characters aren’t storming her apartment and begging for page time. Some characters will do anything for a scene, but that’s another story. If you want to meet those characters, check out her books.

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His Angelic Keeper Books 1-3

His Angelic Keeper Books 1-3 is an epic fantasy adventure set in an immersive world of intrigue and adventure, featuring the following books:

His Angelic Keeper

Sovvan is dead but doesn’t know it because the creatures who run the place don’t want her to remember anything. They take every thought in her head, making it hard to outsmart them. But a demon threatens her twin, and she can’t save him if she can’t remember him, so those memory-eating creatures must go. Too bad no one will lend her a sword.

A ghost can’t die again, but Fate isn’t kind to the women who thwart it. Sovvan might cease to exist if she saves her twin, but if she doesn’t, that demon will drag him to Hell and separate them forever.

His Angelic Keeper Hidden

Sovvan needs to stop her ex-guardian angel from completing a spell that could destroy the repository of all memory and with it, the last fourteen years of her strange existence. If only this bizarre band of creatures would stop kidnapping her, she could make a start on that. But those creatures have plans, and they won’t take no for an answer.

There’s no rest for the dead, especially not for someone who’s caught between angels and demons in a world where magic is real and just using it can kill you. The afterlife is turning into more of an epic fantasy adventure than Sovvan expected. But one thing will never change. Family comes first.

His Angelic Keeper Fallen

Rejected by the other angels, she’s betrayed by the one person who should be on her side, her guardian angel. Sovvan will take on the most powerful villain in the world alone for a chance to reunite with her twin and save her family. But she’s got a secret.

When the devil challenges her to a game, she’ll risk it all for one shot at defeating him. If Sovvan loses, everyone dies, and the devil will drag her to Hell.

Get His Angelic Keeper Books 1-3 today, a humorous sword and sorcery series starring Sovvan from the Curse Breaker series in a death-defying adventure through the afterlife.

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