#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Rue Sparks

Rue Sparks

Disabled, a widow, and a member of the queer community, Rue Sparks traverses the equally harsh and cathartic landscape where trauma and healing align to create stories that burrow into the hearts and minds of their readers. In addition to The Stars Will Guide Us Back, Sparks has authored the novella Daylight Chasers, writes the web serial The Dragon Warden, and will be releasing the contemporary mystery novel The Fable of Wren later in 2021. They live in Noblesville, Indiana in the USA with their sweet senior support dog and still draw and paint when they’re physically able.

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The Stars Will Guide Us Back

The special ability of a jellyfish may be one man’s only hope to save his husband.

In a world where the gods have returned, their only folly was not expecting humanity to fight back.

When trauma disconnects someone’s soul from their body, one person has the ability to reunite them.

A family gift of reading the spirits in flames has taken everything from her, but can it give her everything she needs?

In The Stars Will Guide Us Back, thirteen short stories encapsulating the elements of speculative fiction and magical realism travel the themes of mental health, loss, mortality, self-confidence, and finding hope through difficult circumstances. Explore the immersive worlds within, along with a range of peculiar, distinct, and queer characters.

Sometimes confidence comes from knowing we have no other choice, and the ones who rescue us come from the strangest places. Dark and light collide in this collection that highlights the liminal spaces of the human experience.

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