#Indieapril Author Spotlight: Tim Ruel

Tim Ruel

TIM RUEL is the author of SHINY METAL BOXES and works as a senior copy editor for a legal news site. While serving as a journalist in the U.S. for more than a decade, Tim took an interest in cooking up science fiction as loony as life on our planet. He lives outside of Washington, D.C., and enjoys traveling, Miles Davis, Ladytron, Radiohead, Aphex Twin and all sorts of beer from local breweries.

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Shiny Metal Boxes

Skillful eye-implant employee Emma Castle gets reassigned to deal with the crazy new illness that’s putting millions on Earth in a near-coma.

Society in 2079 revolves around AI devices, including eyeGo, the visual implant installed in everyone from the age of nine. Emma, an eyeGo health technician, gets sucked into investigating a potential link between the eye implant and the affliction.

While people around Earth drop like inebriated flies, Emma uncovers a potential conspiracy that could rock humankind and technology.

Teaming up with a private investigator, a hacking guru, a senior member of The Milky Way Library, and a million-dollar AI assistant, Emma races to stop the devastation before everyone is toast.

SHINY METAL BOXES, the first installment in The Wormholescope Chronicles, is a science fiction novel that falls into the abyss of technology addiction.

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