#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Chris Gerrib

Chris Gerrib

Chris Gerrib has been an avid fan of science fiction and space exploration since he was a child riding his bicycle to his small town’s library where he memorized every book they had on the subject. Since then he spent a tour in the US Navy, got an MBA, and now has a day job with a multi-national software company as a Project Manager. He lives in the Chicago suburbs and is active in his local Rotary Club. His fourth science fiction novel, One of Our Spaceships is Missing, is out now.

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One of Our Spaceships is Missing

In the 23rd century, spaceships just don’t go missing.
FBI agent Ray Volk is assigned to a task force to investigate a tragic accident: the disappearance of interplanetary passenger liner ValuTrip Cardinal, carrying 500 souls between Mars and Earth on a routine run. What looks like a cut-and-dried case of pressure loss is complicated by the arrival of a Martian Captain. A very cute Martian Captain who keeps sticking his nose in Ray’s investigation.

Martian exchange student Kelly Rack knows the disappearance is no accident. She survived the ships’ hijacking, but learns the former cruise entertainer leading the pirates has plans for the passengers, and they don’t include sightseeing. Kelly has avoided the murderous pirates, except now an off-duty Earth Commander insists on organizing resistance for the passengers. She forces Kelly to climb through service tunnels on sabotage runs, risking capture and death.

Can Ray shake down the right accomplices to capture the good ship ValuTrip Cardinal before its new captain spaces everyone on board? Will Kelly discover the pirates’ hidden plans for their prisoners? The race is on, because One of Our Spaceships is Missing!

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