#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Kevin Barrick

Kevin Barrick

Kevin Barrick is an author from Kings Mountain, NC. He started writing early on in life, finishing his first unpublished novel around the age of 13. Since then, he’s sharpened his skills through writing groups at local libraries, exploring poetry and non-fiction, and mastering his breakthrough novel. He has several works in progress at a time, always wanting to bring only the best to his readers.

His first book, Creativity Brewing, is an expression of his versatility in writing. In a collection of 30 tales of flash fiction, he explores several genres, styles, and ideas. Each story was limited to less than 1,000 words, each carefully crafted to enrapture his readers and driving them to follow him as he continues writing novellas, novels, and other collections.


Creativity Brewing

30 stories. 10 genres. 2 authors. 1 incredible journey.

Fans of romance, fantasy, crime, thriller, scifi, and more will fall in love with Creativity Brewing!

Enjoy a selection of flash fiction stories hand-roasted to perfection. Each story has been crafted to be your perfect pick-me-up. Whether you like light roast, medium roast, or dark roast, this collection serves it all!

A dyslexic astrophysicist is denied the chance to pilot the first lunar colony ship, only to become their only hope. A man confronts his brother, the murderer of his parents, and bad blood spills. In an exciting mini trilogy, the horrors of War is seen through the eyes of a child reading forbidden literature, then thrust into a battle for culture. In the end, he reflects through the dusty and forgotten past in order to illuminate a future for the next generation.

In a breathtaking collection of tales, Kevin Barrick guides you through humanity’s darkest and finest hours. These stories are more than just brief; they are generations of turmoil, pain, and excitement compressed into a single moment that resonates for days.


“Skeleton in the Closet”
A scientist gone on vacation becomes the perfect alibi to there being a skeleton in the closet in the home of an upstanding citizen. But what happens when his girlfriend finds his latest victim?

“Saturn’s Queen”
She listened to the cheers of the crowd that weren’t for her. She watched the crown pass by that she’d never wear. She began the race to fight for that crown. The voice of her father fueled every stride.

“Reading in a Time of War”
A secret passageway, a war, and two boys fighting for the culture one book at a time. When the enemy tries to destroy their humanity, they fight back with knowledge. But what happens when they get drafted into the war at only 15 years old?

“The Fruit-Eating Hyena”
A peculiar hyena is faced with ridicule and scorn when he is the only one eating mangoes and berries, but when the watering hole dries up and all the prey moves on, this ostracized predator-turned-herbivore becomes their last hope for survival.

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