#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Vaela Denarr & Micah Iannandrea

Vaela Denarr & Micah Iannandrea

Our names are Vaela (She/They) and Micah (They/Them), and beyond being in a committed romantic (unfortunately long distance) relationship, we write queer stories together. Our debut was THE GIFT OF BLOOD, a story that started out as simply being about a vampire hunting monsters, and evolved into a tale of love, acceptance, healing, and found family.

Writing, or rather creating stories together, has been a passion of ours ever since we first met, and aside from wanting to write enough books that we might actually be able to see each other, we really want to share those stories we created with the world. Most of our books revolve around themes such as love and acceptance, but there’s no shortage of action and badassery. There’s also always going to be big, buff women, because we’re gay, lots of queerness, because all of our queer siblings are beautiful and need to be seen, and more often than not polyamory. Because the only thing better than getting the girl is getting all the girls.

So, if you like ace werewolves, supportive siblings, nonbinary badasses, buff women, flirting, dating, and cuddling, cute trans girls getting the girls, and polyamorous sapphic dragons, keep an eye out for our work!

Vaela: Website | Twitter | Ko-fi

Micah: Website | Twitter | Tiktok

The Gift of Blood

Shit, people keep killing me off. It’s like some bad TV show.”

A lesbian vampire on a revenge quest, distracted by a slow burn romance.

One person’s gift is another’s curse. And sometimes the dark hides very real monsters. This is certainly the case for Ryann Ly, professional kickboxer, MMA fighter, and freshly Turned vampire. When the people who abducted, faked her death, and cursed her to burn in the sun attempt to enlist her into their ranks, Ryann decides she has absolutely no time for any of their nonsense. Even if she has to kill them to get some peace and quiet.
It’s only fair. They killed her first.

She just wants to get her life in order and navigate this strange new reality she finds herself trapped in. But vampire turf wars, monsters in the dark, and people hunting Ryann for mysterious reasons make that very difficult. Luckily, she’s not alone. Helping her along is a soft werewolf dad, a polyamorous triad of badasses, a vampire with PTSD and a dry sense of humour, a childhood friend, and Rachel, a human girl that Ryann thinks is very cute.

Will Ryann defeat the darkness that haunts her, and the things within? Will she be able to avenge the injustice done to her, or will she become another monster, destined to be slain? Will she find out why people keep declaring her dead?
And will she ever figure out why her found family keeps calling her and Rachel girlfriends?

Only time will tell.

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