The Penabler – Summer Budget Releases 2019

It’s time for a new set of limited editions! TWSBI is still going strong and they have three limited editions right now, Lamy has two new colours coming out, and Pelikan has their colour of the year set available for preorder.

I noticed new Jinhao shark colours when I was browsing other Chinese brands. There are three new metallic colours: pink, blue, and ivory. If you’re a fan of the Jinhao shark, it’s definitely worth checking out. They’re incredible quality for such a low price. That’s why I bought thirteen at once.

TWSBI Eco-T Coral

The coral Eco-T is the latest TWSBI Eco colour. It’s hard to define the colour since coral can range from orange to pink. And the colour of this pen looks very different depending on where you are. It looks pink in direct sunlight, while more orange in lamp light. It’s a perfect summer colour and I’m glad they added such a fun colour to their line up.

The Eco-T sports a triangular grip instead of the round grip seen in the regular Eco.

TWSBI Go Clear

The TWSBI Go is the cheapest TWSBI ( often under 25 euros) and has a unique filling mechanism. With just one press, you can fill up your pen. The downside is that the Go has a smaller ink reservoir than the Eco. The nib of the Go and Eco are the same.

They launched the pen in a transparent blue and smokey quartz, but now the Clear is also available, showing off your ink in all its glory. This is the Go I’d go for. Look how pretty it is with all the different colours in it.

TWSBI Diamond Mini AL Mint

A third limited edition TWSBI launches soon, the TWSBI Mini Mint. The colour reminds me a lot of the Emerald ALR I mentioned in my previous overview. It’s more expensive than the other two TWSBIs with a price of 69 euros.

The Diamond Mini is a perfect pocket pen with a piston filler mechanism which allows you to bring a ton of ink with you wherever you go.

Lamy Studio Aquamarine and Lx All Black

The turquoise and teal colours are popular among pen lovers, (check out the #turquoisepenclub on Instagram) and Lamy wasn’t going to miss out. They created the aquamarine version of their Lamy Studio. It’s slick design with chrome elements looks classy and with a price of 59 euro, it’s definitely one to keep your eye on. Note that this is a limited edition, so if you’re into teal and turquoise pens, you might not want to wait too long.

The Lamy Studio Lx is the expensive brother of the normal Lamy Studio with a price of 89 euros. The All Black has black metal accents and a black nib. Stealth designs are still popular and the black nib in particular looks great.

Pelikan M205 Star Ruby set

I already mentioned the Pelikan colour of the year Star Ruby ink, but now the set with the M205 has been announced. Some shops already have it up for preorder. It looks like the pen has glitter inside the resin, something I haven’t seen in an M205 before. I hope to see a review before it comes out because I’m sure this is a deal breaker for some (and an extra plus for me).

If you didn’t already know, I’m a big fan of this pen. It’s small (which is good if you have small hands), light weight, and the nib is smooth right out of the box.

Read more about the Star Ruby colour by checking out my previous post.

New Diamine Purples

New Diamine purples chosen were by the UK Fountain Pen facebook group: Scribble Purple and Monboddo’s Hat. Both of the purples were named after the blogger of ‘Too Many Purples’, which is awesome in my opinion. The Scribble Purple is darker with a golden sheen, while Monboddo’s Hat is lighter and has nearly no sheen. Check out their site for writing samples of the two inks.

KWZ Sheen Machine

For all the sheen lovers out there, KWZ has created a new ink with a heavy sheen, hence the name. It’s a blue ink with a red/purple sheen. This ink doesn’t overwhelm me as much, since there are enough blues with red-ish sheens out there, but I’d use this one before Organic Studio Nitrogen which doesn’t love pens as much as we do. If you are looking for a new blue sheener, give this one a go. The KWZ ink doesn’t disappoint.

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