Where to find fountain pens and ink in the Netherlands?

Last year, I posted about fountain pen stores in Tokyo and it’s still one of my most popular posts. So I want to do more of these and it makes sense to pick the Netherlands as my next destination. And because we’re such a small country, I want to mention all the shops I know of that are specialised in pens. I won’t mention stores that ‘also’ carry fountain pens because that would make the list much longer. All of these stores are specialised and have a large selection of brands.

Physical stores

P. W. Akkerman Amsterdam

P. W. Akkerman is the most notable fountain pen store in Amsterdam, right at the center. They have a wide selection in different price ranges, but don’t expect to find rare pens.

P. W. Akkerman The Hague

While it has the same name as the Amsterdam store, P. W. Akkerman in The Hague is a completely separate store. Even the webshops are different. This store has its own line of inks, the P.W. Akkerman line. It’s based on the Dutch Masters and typical Dutch artwork, Delft’s Blauw. They also collaborated with two noteworthy influencers in the fountain pen community to make two exclusive inks, SBREBrown and Gourmet Pens Pink.

Appelboom Laren

A small store a short ride away from Amsterdam with excellent service and an in-house nibmeister.

Fontoplumo Delft

Fontoplumo is another small speciality store, with fluffy mascot! Their brown spaniel can be found in the store often if you need some distraction for your spouse.

La couronne du comte Tilburg

La Couronne du Comte is located in the southern area of the Netherlands. They have large selection of brands and you can even find limited editions here. They’ve been in business for a long time and have created strong relationships with most of the fountain pen brands around the world.

Penshop Nijmegen

A fountain pen specialist store located in the east of the Netherlands. They have all the bigger brands, but also a handful of smaller, lesser known brands.

Online stores


24Papershop is run by one woman with a passion for pen and paper. While 24papershop has a large selection of notebooks and diaries, fountain pens are a large part of their assortment, and they’re actively growing their brand selection. If you’re looking for more than just fountain pens, this might be a good place to start.

Scrittura elegante

Another small business run by a passionate woman. Scrittura Elegente knows how to find brands which are underrepresented in the Dutch market, like Laban, Wancher, and Gazing Far. Don’t forget to check out the Van Dieman inks. They’re gorgeous.

Shimmer Ink

A new webshop just opened up only selling the Shimmering Robert Oster ink.


A general pen shop that carries the familiar brands.

Have you been to any of these stores or webshops? Which one is your favourite? And what pen or ink do you recommend?

4 thoughts on “Where to find fountain pens and ink in the Netherlands?

  1. Peggy Simons says:

    Thank you for mentioning my shop, 24Papershop.com. Really appreciated. And since you mentioned it in Febriary 2020, I have grown more and more with more fountain pen brands and inks đŸ˜‰

    • Tessa Hastjarjanto says:

      I saw you added the Mossery brand! I’m so excited to try them. Once I figure out which design I wanted, I’m going to order

  2. James Forte says:

    A useful list of pen shops – thank you.
    I have also found Vulpenwereld in Groningen to have an excellent range of fountain pens.
    My main pen shop in the Netherlands is Lorje in Utrecht – not as well known as Akkerman but very knowledgeable and with a good range.

  3. RĂ¼diger says:

    Thanky you for the list!

    Being in the Netherlands as a tourist, I recently visited the Pen Shop Nijmegen, and I can only recommend it! Very knowledgeable and friendly shopkeeper, and you can ask for specialties and vintage pens.

    Lorje in Utrecht also is a nice shop with a broad selection of fountain pens.

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