Cover Reveal: Lucifer’s Favour

It’s been a long time coming but the sequel to Devil’s Deal is almost done. Lucifer’s Favour will be released in the second week of April. After a few extensive revision and editing rounds, I think I’m at the stage where I can say “It’s done.” I didn’t make it easy for myself, deciding early on I’d have three points of view in this book, which was a first for me. This book also has more action, more fighting, another part of writing I’m not overly familiar with.

But these weren’t the real challenges. The real challenge was the small things. The tiny little threads that weave the three books together. The one villain. The devil is in the details, right? All the scenes (not just in this book) with Beelzebub were altered to give him more character. Even now, I changed a large and important scene in Lucifer’s Favour. I’ll be honest, when I started writing Devil’s Deal, I barely knew anything about writing. I just wanted to write the story. It was always meant to be a passion project. But by committing to these three books, I’ve grown so much. I know what I did wrong, and what I want to do in the future before starting the first draft. I’m glad I’ve given myself the time to grow as a writer before rushing this one out because the book has become so much better. I doubt my editor recognises much of it.

So here goes… The cover for the sequel to Devil’s Deal!

Lucifer’s Favour

Cover designer: Ravven


When a demon takes over Hell, you turn to the one you fear the most.

After Nora’s encounter with Beelzebub she can no longer escape the supernatural world–she is marked for life. The demon’s sinister plans will hurt the people she cares about, and the only way to restore order is to track down Lucifer and convince him to reclaim his throne.

Lucifer has his own agenda for staying on Earth and faces threats he’s never seen before. His escapades draw the attention of Earthly demons, ones he doesn’t control, and they’re ready to protect their territory.

Nora and her friends must unite and persuade Lucifer while escaping the dangers and temptations of supernaturals. Living on the edge of the mundane world and the supernatural world challenges Nora and her friends to look beyond what they know, and believe.

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