Finalist Writing Competition

December 31st was the deadline for the writing competition hosted by Dutch Comic Con. I took part in it before, but my story wasn’t selected that time. I wanted to give it another go, especially because the new theme was ‘games’. Games are kind of my thing (understatement of the year), so I thought my chances would be pretty good. I also had another 1000 words to work with, 2000 words in total.

A few days before the deadline, I sent in my story ‘Champion of Wintersdeep’. It’s a story about a girl taking part in the annual tournament to win the title of ‘champion’. She’s never taken part before, unlike her opponents. They think she’s an easy target, but she did her best in the preparations. Will she win the games and prove everyone wrong?

I thought we’d hear the results today, but I received an email on Wednesday to tell me I made the final ten! I never expected to be one of the ten. Maybe because I’m still doubting my abilities, a sort of impostor syndrome. But I made it. I’m so grateful to the judges for picking my story. I don’t know who they are, but I know they’re all industry professionals, which makes this even more special.

The public can now vote for one of the ten stories they selected. All the stories are on the site of Dutch Comic Con. So head over there and find out if our main star wins or not!

I want to ask you to vote. Vote for me if you just want to support me, or vote for your favourite story. I’m grateful either way. And if you just want to read another short story by me without voting, you’re also more than welcome.

The winner has their story turned into a one-minute animation, which is super awesome and also a dream of mine to see my story adapted in another medium. Even if I don’t win, I’m grateful to share my story with so many new people. And I’ll keep working hard to see my dream realised another way.

Thank you to everyone who has already voted for me, supported me and my writing, and cheered me on during the scary journey of becoming a published writer!

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