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A third of the month has already passed but I still want to talk about my participation in Camp Nano. For those who don’t know, it’s an off-season equivalent of NaNoWriMo but you don’t have to get 50k words. You can set your own goal, so it’s more manageable for people who aren’t used to writing. While I’m used to it, hitting 1667 words a day is still a challenge for me. Especially after a heavy recovery period. So I have to work on my writing habit again. And I have a draft to finish.

That’s why I decided to be an active participant this time (unlike in April). I signed up 30k words for my current work-in-progress, the last book in the Infernal Contracts trilogy. Book one is with the editor now, book two is being read by my first reader and will be on its way to editor quite soon too. Ideally, I want the first draft of book three finished in August and send it as soon as the editor is done with book two. But I know my first draft will need more work, so who know. If I can write more than 30k during July, the chance of (re)publishing all three books this year is very likely.

Will it be hard work? Yes. Will I have to say ‘no’ to other obligations? Probably. Is it worth it? Heck yes.

I’ve been in recovery mode since March and I’m only trying to get back into writing now. I did write during that time, but not as a habit. I don’t wait around for a muse to come. I sit down and do my words. So far I managed it except for one day when I had other plans. I did 500 words that day. Today I crossed the 10k mark, a day sooner than expected. My ultimate goal is to have the first draft finished before the end of August. So lots of work to do, but it’s so much fun. Tying up lose ends and working towards an even bigger climax than I initially thought. You’re in for a treat.

I know some readers have enjoyed Devil’s Deal and want to know what’s going to happen next. For those, I want to get the second book out as soon as possible without cutting any corners. I promise it’ll come soon. And if you want to help out with a cover reveal, let me know too.

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