Work In Progress: Incorporating What You Learned

Devil’s Deal is released, which means I’m back at my writing table, furiously refreshing the sales dashboard while I should be writing. It’s not productive, but seeing a review pop up on Goodreads, Amazon, or via a Google Alert is. Any kind of feedback helps me with my writing. I’ve made some notes for myself, of course, and the feedback my beta readers gave is still on my mind.

Reading Reviews

Reviews are slowly coming in too, and I have to think about if I want to read them or not. So far I’ve read all my reviews and none have ripped me apart. I’m lucky, I think. All of them gave constructive criticism on point they didn’t like or think could use more work.

I want people to be honest in their reviews. Even if it’s a one or two star review. I want to know if they didn’t finish the book, and why. I’m still a new author who can grow. Having honest feedback helps me and I’ll never tear someone down for taking their time to say something.

Then it’s up to me if I want to follow their advice. Do I incorporate this thing, or not? Should I mention this? Maybe scrap this scene? I’ll know what I want to do when I’m writing.

Keep writing

Your writing will only get better if you write more. I plan to do so. The comments from the reviews are in the back of my mind as I write book two in the Infernal Contracts series. It’ll be better than Devil’s Deal, I promise. I know what I’ve to work on now, by doing writing exercises, reading craft books, and studying the works from better authors.

Book two is the first book I’ll write in a short period of time; months instead of years. I still have the characters fresh in my mind from editing Devil’s Deal no less than a month ago. I can make their voices stronger, read their emotions better, and of course I’ll throw them in a pit filled with snakes and watch them crawling out.

Future projects

Expect the two other books in the Infernal Contracts trilogy in the near future. The last one will be released early next year. My publishing schedule after that is still uncertain. I have a cover with a manuscript half finished which I plan to finish while I’m busy with the post-production of book three, but I don’t know when I’m going to release it. The next Lunis Aquaria is on my list, but I don’t know which story I’m going to expand on first. If you’ve read Tales of Lunis Aquaria and want to know more about one particular story, let me know. I might just pick that story to write first.

I’ve learned so much the past year, and I’ll do my best to hone my craft as a writer and publisher. Here’s to growth.

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