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The indie community keeps growing and more initiatives pop up. Last year, the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off’s science-fiction counterpart launched the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition. And now a new indie award has entered the scene: the Indie Ink Awards!

This new competition was announced during the Write Hive writing conference and was received with much enthusiasm from the community. I’m excited more people want to celebrate indies and I hope we’ll draw more readers into the scene. There are some real gems to be found. Since I’m already part of the BBNYA panel, I won’t be taking part as a judge, but I will shout and nominate my friends.

Indie Ink Awards

The Indie Ink Awards consists of three rounds: the nomination round, the voting round, and the judging round. During the nomination phase (the current round), you can nominate any indie book on the Indie Story Geek website for one of the dozens of categories. The most voted on books per category will move on to the voting round. The top ten will then move on to the last round, where a panel of judges read and score the books.

You need an account with Indiestorygeek to be able to nominate and vote for books. It’s super easy and you can even request review copies of indie books.

Nominate your favourite indie books now!


Best Audio Narration

Find the list of categories here.

Nominate me

You can nominate Tales of Lunis Aquaria and Devil’s Deal for any of the categories not in the “Writing The Future We Need” section and I’d really appreciate it if you did!

Tales of Lunis Aquaria

Lose yourself in the wondrous world of Lunis Aquaria.

Explore daunting deserts, treacherous mountains and the deep blue of the Morcain sea. If you enjoy the fairy tales of old you will enjoy this collection of nine short adventure stories.

Coming of beasts
A mysterious Lady uses her powers to cultivate the land. When five otherworldly visitors arrive, she gives them a set of powers to aid them on their quest.

The sacred maiden
When a young girl’s house is raided, she escapes. One thief chases her into the night. Both of them find something they never thought they would.

Moon Flower
To win the heart of a girl, a young man sets out to find the most beautiful flower there ever was.
He faces the dangers of the mountains, looking for a flower that might not even exist.

Thomas and the wolf
A wolf finds a little boy watching a blazing fire in which his family is trapped. The wolf takes the boy to meet the only one he trusts.

The witch of Monterra Mountain
The blacksmith’s apprentice falls for a woman who’s accused of witchcraft.

Shepherd’s Stick
A scholar ventures into the desert to experience the ghost stories the elders tell to scare the children. He finds much more than just a ghost.

Archipelago of Wonder
A fisherman survives a storm and ends up on a tropical island. As he looks for resources to repair his ship, he receives help from an unexpected source.

Decapod’s Ire
An archer joins a seafaring crew to hunt the creature that destroyed a handful of fishing boats.

Lovers through time
A time traveller finds the love of his life in the past and must find a way for them to be together.

Nominate Tales of Lunis Aquaria

Devil’s Deal


When two angels break their deal with the Devil, he comes for the one they’re trying to protect.

16-year-old Eleonora Santos works through the summer break so she can visit her family in Italy when she graduates. With the new school year around the corner, her focus is back on homework and enjoying life with her tight group of friends. But on their first day back, she finds them fawning over two new guys in their class—Ben and Danny.

Not a day goes by before Nora’s life is turned upside down. Her best friend now hates her, and the boys seem eager to get to know her. Despite their charming efforts, she’d rather have her best friend, not a boyfriend.

When Nora discovers Ben and Danny are not who they claim to be, and their nefarious deal goes wrong, Nora is caught in the middle.

To fix their mistakes, she must face the Devil and betray herself—or pay with her life.

Devil’s Deal is a YA romance novel with a paranormal twist set in the Dutch fictional city Lakeside. The Infernal Contracts trilogy is perfect for fans of the Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries, and Fallen.

Nominate Devil’s Deal

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