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One of the things on my self-care list is baths and bath bombs are an amazing addition to relax even more. The fragrance of the oils can help you relax or revitalize your muscles. I have chronic pains and a warm both soothes my pain, while a bath bomb can help the rest to relax as well. Aromatherapy is amazing and by picking the right fragrance, it will help you feel better. And why not take a book with you when you bath? Burn a scented candle, fill a glass of wine or cup of tea to create a perfect evening, just for you.


Lush is an international brand of handmade cosmetics. Their bath bombs are widely known and are of excellent quality. The cosmetics made by Lush are all natural and freshly made. Bath bombs are one of the few items that you can keep for a longer time, but I doubt they’ll last long. They’re amazing. Most of the bath bombs are built up of different coloured layers, some even with glitter, to surprise you.

Lush has themed gift boxes with multiple bath bombs. These are beautifully wrapped in brightly coloured papers and already look too beautiful to unpack. As soon as I dropped the bath bomb into the water, it started bubbling. Colours floated across the water and glitter started appearing. I have to warn you. Even a shower after won’t remove all the glitter from your body. The oil mixed with the water makes your skin feel super soft.

Other brands

Lush might be the most well-known brand, but it’s hardly the only one out there. Other brands might be cheaper, but it’s possible they’re not all organic. If this is something you value, do check the ingredients and the brand story. A quick search online can give you enough information about the ingredients they use and how they test the products. Check out your local drug store or a cosmetics department for alternatives. Or check out some beauty blogs who also cover bath products.

Dozens of other brands have bath bombs, but be careful with your purchases online. A cheap option might lead to unwanted results, like a blue dyed body from the wrong dye. Only buy cosmetics from reputable sellers and brands.


Pinterest is filled with DIY guides to make your own bath bombs at home. Fill them with scented oils of your choice, dried lavender or glitter. It’s a fun way to spend time together with friends during the weekend or with your kids during the winter break. I started using them as a kid and loved seeing how the bomb slowly disappeared in the water. It can keep a child busy. Making bath bombs yourself also ensures that you know what’s in there and that there’s no animal testing involved.

Are you in for an evening of relaxation? Would you prefer homemade bath bombs or bought? Which brands do you love the most? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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