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I’m a big stationery lover and I know I’m not alone. Everyone has their own stationery thing that they just can’t get enough of. Washi tape, notebooks, markers, stickers, you pick. Some are addicted to planners and use many stationery supplies to personalise their planner. This post is for those people. Here are four brands that can help you satisfy that craving for new stationery. Or create a wishlist for others to buy some things for you.

Legami Milano

Legami Milano is an Italian brand and you can find them in other stores as well. But their webshop has everything and free shipping in Europe above a certain amount. And with so many nice things, I don’t think it’s hard to pass that bar.

This Italian brand is bright, colourful and celebrates life and dreams. They don’t only do stationery but have accessories of any kind. Check out their booklover line for the book lover in your life, or the unicorn line for that unique person. Get some cuddles pandas for someone who could use some more love.

Notebook Therapy

I think many stationery lovers could spend all of their money here. Notebook Therapy has a wide selection of stationery and if you’re into cute Asian designs, this will be your kryptonite. They have a ton of notebooks (hence the name) and other stationery items frequently used in bullet journalling. I love that their beautiful Asian designs are still affordable and I don’t have to worry about quality. Ordering these items from Aliexpress or Wish might give you something totally different.

One thing worth mentioning is the free worldwide shipping. How awesome is that? Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram for discount codes!

Washi Tape Shop

The Washi Tape Shop has everything you could need for bullet journalling, except the notebooks.
A whole store dedication to washi tape. Anyone with a bullet journal will know what washi tape is and probably has a large selection already. The Washi Tape Shop has mostly Asian designs in different colours. Some of them might be expensive, but I’ve noticed there’s a large difference in quality and the more expensive ones are definitely of a higher quality.

They recently started adding more foiled tapes. These designs are mostly based on Japanese patterns and look great with the added foil. They’ll be sure to pop out on the page. Use them together with a metallic gel pen or other accessories to create a theme.


I added this one for the UK people. Paperchase is one of the stationery stores that I visited when I was there and it’s a store that I keep visiting whenever I can. Their ever-changing collections are always fun. If I need presents for my sister or friends, I know Paperchase will have something. They also have a big selection of cards and travel goods. You’ll never leave the store empty handed.

Which stationery item can’t you do without? How many unused notebooks do you have? If you need some ideas on how to fill them up, check out this post.

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