Blogmas: Decorated Baubles

If you like DIY projects, decorating your own bauble can be a fun activity, especially with kids. Get plastic baubles or wooden ornaments and a bunch of markers that are fit for the surface. Decorating them yourself gives you a great opportunity to add a memory to your Christmas tree. Let the kids draw something on the baubles. Write a message or share a quote. Making your own decoration will make your tree truly personal. And every year when you see those ornaments again you’re reminded of the important things in life. Celebrate love and family instead of the commercial holiday.

When you’re confident in your artistic skills, consider gifting a set of hand-painted or drawn baubles? I know those sell for quite a lot on a Christmas market. It’s a personal and unique gift and most people will enjoy it year after year.

I received two ornaments this year for Sinterklaas: a peacock and a Coca-Cola bottle. My husband’s drink of choice is cola, so it makes sense. The peacock is teal with purple glitters and fits with the rest of the colours in our tree (blue, white and silver). I hope the other birds in my tree won’t mind sharing the spotlight. They’re now in my tree and I’ll keep them for a long time since there’s a good memory attached to it.

My mother in law has a whole tree with ornaments made by her (grand) children. Everything they made in grade school is still in there. Hand-painted, clay, paper, cardboard, all of the things you tried as a kid is in there. It’s great to see and, even more for new family members (like me), it’s fun to find out who made what. I love the sentiment it holds. Tip: don’t forget to sign names on the ornaments.

What’s hanging in your right now? Would you add DIY baubles and/or ornaments? What’s your prettiest ornament?

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