Blogmas: Literary Book Gifts

For the book lover in your family, you can’t just show up with an ordinary gift. Sure, a new book is nice, but what if they have that one already?! Well, there are other gifts you can give them. Melissa of Literary Book Gifts contacted me about a promotion and I thought it would be perfect for Blogmas. She was so generous to offer a promo code for a discount on your order (see bottom of the post).

Literary Book Gifts have the perfect gifts to celebrate the classics. I know your book lover also has a classic they love, so why not pick up a shirt or tote bag with their favourite book on it? The tote bags are made from sturdy fabric and the handles are thick. It’s a higher quality tote bag that’s perfect for groceries or heavy books. No need to be afraid that the handles will rip. The Jane Austen tote on the right is a beautiful example of what they have to offer. If you want something that doesn’t scream ‘bookish’ check out the Iliad Homer tote. It’s a crimson red with a depiction of the battle in the ancient Greek drawing style.

All clothing pieces are available in multiple colours, so you can pick your favourite colour with a design you love. It’s usually difficult to create a design that looks well on light and dark colours, but they have managed to do so by keeping the design colours neutral. Dracula is the only design that has a distinct colour (red, which is a great choice), but they solved that by offering shirt colours that compliment the design.

Use the promo code NARRATESS20 to get 20% off your order, no minimum purchase required. The code doesn’t have an expiration date. Don’t wait too long with ordering since it might take a while to reach you.

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