Blogmas: PenBBS Fountain Pens

PenBBS is a Chinese brand by Beini Zheng. PenBBS has been around for a while, but I’m seeing it more and more in the collections of my fountain pen mutuals.  The bright colours stand out and the low price is definitely attractive. Some of the models are piston filling pens, while others use a cartridge or a converter. The piston filling pen has a large capacity for ink, and, with its low price, is worth checking out if you tend to write in long sessions.

PenBBS Kryptonite on Etsy
They run their Western shop from Etsy and they have another shop on the Taobao site.  Their Chinese shop has a wider selection, but the language barrier might be a challenge. Owner Beini Zheng often posts pictures of new pens on her Instagram as well, so if you want to stay up to date on the newest colours, be sure to follow her.

One thing I really like about this brand is that they have great colours. The gradient pens are unique with every pen having its own combination of colours. They make their pens in batches and they can’t guarantee that the colours they have now will come back in stock later. So if you see one you or the recipient will like, get it fast. They have a model 323 Kryptonite at the moment that’s the perfect Christmas green and I’m sure Superman will weaken when he touches it. This model uses a cartridge or converter and is curved for a more elegant appearance. It reminds me of the shape of the Parker Urban. It’s a delight to write with, due to a better balance because of the curve.

All of the pens are pretty affordable and the nibs are good quality. You can’t pick a different nib size, like with most other brands. For some this might be a plus, others won’t like that they can’t pick a fine or broad nib. That’s a personal preference. It might be a reason why some experienced writers might not like this brand, but I’m always open to trying something new. And as long as I don’t hear overwhelming negative reviews, this one is definitely at the top of my list.

Check out my post on shimmering inks to create the perfect writing gift set. They will look great in any pen that has a translucent barrel. The shimmering particles will float through the ink. It also makes it easier to see if the shimmers are gathered at the bottom or if they’re mixed with the ink.

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