Book Launch: Devil’s Deal

It’s finally here, the release day of my debut novel, Devil’s Deal. I don’t know what else to say except thank you. The book exists because of your support, even if you’re just lurking and reading a post every now and then. Knowing there are people who want to read what I write is a great feeling, and I hope Devil’s Deal will bring readers a few hours of entertainment in these turbulent times. I love reading to get away from the real world, so I hope I can do that for you too.

The idea for Devil’s Deal started as a what-if. I paired a few of those together for the premise, and I wanted to write a story set in my home town. This story was perfect for it. The characters of Ben and Danny came first, Nora came later. I don’t know I gave her an Italian father, except that I wanted Nora to be biracial, like me. It took a while to find all the pieces of the puzzles, but the journey was great.

Like I said before, Devil’s Deal is filled with bits and pieces of me. I think not even my husband has identified every easter egg in there. Can you figure out which elements are mine and which are made up?

Trial and Error

Tales of Lunis Aquaria was a trial run. I wanted to get to know the self-publishing business before the launch of my first novel. I still have a lot to learn, but with two books out, I’m not a complete newbie anymore. There are a thousand things you have to consider jumping into the cold water of the self-publishing pool. I learned more in these nine months of actively chasing publication than in the three years trying to finish my book. Not because I learned nothing finishing my book, but because there was so much I didn’t consider.

Marketing, ads, graphic design, targeting an audience, talking about myself (the horror!), pitches, finances, budgeting, evaluations, printing. If you’re not ready to learn even a little about each of these things, you’ll probably have a hard time going down this path. I enjoy doing all of this besides my writing. It’s a welcome change on my bad days when creative writing takes twice the amount of brain juice as it does to create a promotion image or look at the production costs for a new book.

I’ve certainly had moments I wanted to run away and give up on the tiniest of writing careers. Any artist experiences anxiety regarding their art. Some more than others. It’s that nagging voice that tells you it’s not good enough and you should give up.

Keep Writing!

I refuse. I won’t give up. Writing keeps me going. Creating a new world gives me energy and knowing I can bring joy to my readers makes me happy. There are people eagerly waiting for the continuation of the Lunis Aquaria stories I introduced in Tales of Lunis Aquaria. Those are coming! I’m going back to those when the Infernal Contracts trilogy is finished.

If you’re curious about the Infernal Contracts, check out the dedicated website. I’ll add more snippets, fun stuff, and character profiles before the launch of the next books. Or sign up to my author newsletter for exclusive content and deleted scenes.

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